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Orchard & Meadow Maintenance Photo Album

To view the full size photos in the Orchard & Meadow Maintenance Album just click on a thumbnail below. You can then click through the whole album by clicking on the righthand side of the big image. You can click left to return to a previous image. Click the Close X link (bottom right) to return to this page from the slideshow.

gallery image 68
A dry spell
gallery image 69
Evening watering
gallery image 63
Topping the meadow
gallery image 64
Raking by hand
gallery image 65
Clearing rakings off the meadow
gallery image 66
A handsome young rake
gallery image 67
A handy tool rest
gallery image 108
Meadow hay-making
gallery image 109
New and old
gallery image 110
Hot and dusty
gallery image 111
gallery image 112
Manual labour
Why not upset the apple cart? If you don't the apples will rot anyway.   (Frank A. Clark)