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Jubilee Strawberry Tea 2012 Photo Album

To view the full size photos in the Jubilee Strawberry Tea 2012 Album just click on a thumbnail below. You can then click through the whole album by clicking on the righthand side of the big image. You can click left to return to a previous image. Click the Close X link (bottom right) to return to this page from the slideshow.

gallery image 74
Event Crew
gallery image 75
Holding it down...
gallery image 76
gallery image 77
It WAS a Strawberry Tea
gallery image 79
We do eat well in St James
gallery image 80
Filling up fast I
gallery image 81
Filling up fast II
gallery image 82
A good turnout
gallery image 83
This is summer?!
gallery image 84
Floral dance
gallery image 85
The rotten apple harms its neighbours.   (Traditional)