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Queen Cox Queen Cox
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Tree Type Apple
Variety Queen Cox
Rootstock MM106
Date Planted 15 March 2010
Tree Description A sport of Cox's Orange Pippin, with superior larger brighter red coloured fruit. Intense aromatic flavour. A midwinter dessert apple.
Comments Chosen by CB. Near to Christmas, about twenty years ago, CB went to an orchard farm shop in mid-Kent to stock up with apples for the holiday. While there, he noticed a small packing line, running in a corner of the main shed, turning out cardboard boxes of apples, the like of which he had never seen before. He was offered a taste - a Queen Cox with all the flavour and bite of a Cox's Orange Pippin and more, but with a glorious red 'overcoat' - and hooked, he bought a box. Ever since then he has wanted to plant a Queen Cox of his own; this he has now done for himself in his own orchard in St. James, and in the Village Orchard for others to discover the pleasures of this delightful apple for themselves.
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