St James Village Orchard

Details of the Tree at Grid Ref D1

Tree Details   
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Tree Type Apple
Variety Ribston Pippin
Rootstock MM106
Date Planted 15 March 2010
Tree Description Brownish orange flush, red stripes over yellowish green; ripening to bright red over gold, some russet patches. Intense rich aromatic flavour; firm deep cream flesh. A large vigorous tree, can be a light cropper. A midwinter dessert apple. Highly esteemed midwinter dessert apple.
Comments Suggested by RP. Lawrence D. Hills' high Vitamin C group, 30.60Mg. Vitamin C per 100 grams.
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Now for Quinces, they are a fruit which by no means you may place near any other ... because their scent is so strong and piercing that it will enter into any fruit and clean take away his natural relish.   (Markham, The English Husbandman 1635)