St James Village Orchard

Details of the Tree at Grid Ref D2

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Tree Type Apple
Variety Norfolk Beefing
Rootstock MM106
Date Planted 15 March 2010
Tree Description Dark purplish red flush, red stripes over green. Used early in season for cooking, but by spring sweet enough to eat fresh. Will store until April. A dual purpose apple.
Comments Suggested by MG. In MG's childhood garden in Norwich there was a large Biffin tree. The fruit made first-class bakers with rather a rich taste. Mention is made of Beefings in a fruit list from a note-book of 1698 belonging to the Walpole family of the Mannington and Wolterton estates in Norfolk. Biffins were the apples which were dried, whole and unpeeled, in warm bread ovens so that they shrivelled into a form like roundish red prunes.
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Stolen sweets are always sweeter; Stolen kisses much completer; Stolen looks are nice in chapels, Stolen, stolen be your apples.   (James Henry Leigh Hunt)