St James Village Orchard

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Tree Type Pear
Variety Robin
Rootstock Wild Pear
Date Planted 23 January 2011
Tree Description Small fruit, bright red on the sunny side. A Norfolk pear, once grown in every farm orchard. A September dessert pear.
Comments Chosen by RP. RP remembers that in his Norfolk family garden orchard there was a tall Robin tree. Towards the top the tree had died back, and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers regularly used to drill their nest holes in the dead wood. The pears were quite delicious. A Robin pear tree is already fruiting well in St. James (RP & CS).

Grafted in situ.
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The greatest apple experience of my life was a Queen Cox apple: when we bit into it we knew we were eating something extraordinary: its perfume, the balance of sweet and acid, the juice, the texture. My God, it was simply divine.   (Raymond Blanc, Le Manoir aux Quatre Saisons)