St James Village Orchard

Details of the Tree at Grid Ref G6

Tree Details   
Grid Ref
Tree Type Damson
Variety Farleigh Damson
Rootstock St Julien A
Date Planted 15 March 2010
Tree Description A small blue-black fruit of fine rich flavour when cooked. In suitable conditions can bear enormous crops. Partially self fertile it is readily pollinated by other plums. A sturdy upright tree.
Comments Chosen by CS. Damsons have an exquisite flavour in preserves and pickles, often neglected in the past and deserving of more attention.
Orchard Map
White butterflies in the air; White daisies prank the ground: The cherry and the hoary pear Scatter their snow around.   (From 'Spring Goeth All in White' by Robert Bridges)