St James Village Orchard

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Apricot Moorpark
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Tree Type Apricot
Variety Moorpark
Rootstock St Julien A
Date Planted 18 March 2010
Tree Description Pale yellow with orange blush. Deep reddish-orange flesh, very juicy. Crops well, excellent flavour. Makes a good bushy tree. Best in Early August.
Comments Suggested by RP & CS. The apricot was the first tree in the Orchard to produce a crop large enough to harvest. CS made six small tarts with the fruit, they had a beautiful flavour.

See photos of the tarts in the Fruit & Food section of the Photos.
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The moon on the wane, gather fruit for to last, but winter fruit gather when Michael is past   (Tusser, Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry 1573)