St James Village Orchard

Details of the Tree at Grid Ref L2

Tree Details   
Grid Ref
Tree Type Apple
Variety Reverend Wilks
Rootstock M25
Date Planted 23 January 2011
Tree Description A large creamy-white apple, tender and cooking to a pale yellow froth. Excellent for baking, hardly needs sugar. Crops heavily, but often biennial. A small tree with short shoots. Disease resistant. A summer and autumn cooking apple.
Comments Chosen by JH. Following enthusiastic advice from a friend a few years ago JH planted a Reverend Wilks in his garden. It cropped well, and when cooked was delicious in all apple dishes. The friend had said that it was different to any other cooking apple.

Grafted in situ.
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Now for Quinces, they are a fruit which by no means you may place near any other ... because their scent is so strong and piercing that it will enter into any fruit and clean take away his natural relish.   (Markham, The English Husbandman 1635)