St James Village Orchard

Details of the Tree at Grid Ref N5

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The first Beauty of Bath from the orchard
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Tree Type Apple
Variety Beauty of Bath
Rootstock MM106
Date Planted 15 March 2010
Tree Description Very early, rather small, mottled orange and scarlet on yellow, pleasantly sharp but sweet and juicy. A late summer dessert apple, ready in August. Best eaten straight off the tree.
Comments Suggested by RP. RP has childhood memories of a Beauty of Bath tree in his grandmother's Norfolk orchard chicken run. To pick fruit meant facing a rather vicious cock, who lorded it over the whole orchard.
Orchard Map
If you gather not by hand (which is Tedious) Lay a truss of straw beneath the Tree and over that a blanket, discretely shaking them down, not to many at a time   (Cook, The Making of Cider 1678)